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High-Fat, High-Carb Diet Causes Arthritis

Researchers have found that a diet high in saturated fat is a prime suspect in the onset of osteoarthritis after finding that it changes the composition of cartilage, especially in the weight-bearing joints of the hip and knee.

Our findings suggest that it’s not wear and tear but diet that has a lot to do with the onset of osteoarthritis, said lead researcher Professor Yin Xiao.

In possibly the first study to investigate the link between osteoarthritis and common dietary fatty acids, scientists at the Queensland University of Technology studied the effects of diets rich in a variety of fatty acids, found in butter, coconut oil, palm oil, and animal fat, and simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs found in sugar, corn syrup, and high-fructose corn syrup and the combination of high-fat, high-carb foods are commonly known as “junk food.”

“The main function of cartilage is to seal the bone ends in a joint and absorb pressure on the bones during weight-bearing mov

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YUP! The NFL Needs To Embrace Marijuana And The League & Opioid Crisis

Eben Britton is a man who understands pain. Within his six-year NFL playing career as an offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears, he experienced major and minor injuries alike, including a torn labrum, a hamstring injury, a herniated disc resulting in sciatica that still ails him to this day. “I can’t feel my right foot on the ground,” he tells me.

Compounding these injuries is the game of football itself, America’s most bone-crushing sport. The crunching tackles and successful blows devastate the body over time. How football addles the brain is a topic the league would prefer not to discuss. “It’s a violent game that I personally don’t think humans are supposed to play,” said Doug Whaley, the Buffalo Bill general manager, last year.

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Top Kinesiology Tape Jobs Everyone Should Know

* Relieves pain and muscle fatigue

* Ameliorate circulation and lymphatic flow via superficial activation while decreasing inflammation

* Corrects muscle function through decrease of muscle tension and strengthening of the weakened muscle

* Corrects misalignment of joints

* Returns body to homeostasis.

* Works with the body to allow and increase normal range of motion

* May normalize length/tension ratios to optimize force

* Assist and ameliorate tissue recovery

* Gives back epidermal tissue homeostasis

* Reduce inflammation and pressure on mechanical receptors


Contusion / bruise

You will need:

1 strip of I-kinesiotape
Self Taping is possible

Step 1 : Apply the I-shaped sport tape on the bruise’s spot. The sport tape should be stretched in the center at 70 to 80% and no stretch at the sides.

Step 2 : For additional assistance you can apply a second sport tape