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Core Training 101 & Your Patients

Walk into any gym or health club and you’ll find people exercising their core. Core training has taken the world by storm, and for good reason, as every DC knows. Strengthening the core creates stability and better movement and helps prevent lower back pain. To help patients get the most from their efforts, it’s important they understand what they’re doing. You can explain the difference between the local and global muscles, as I’ve outlined below, and help your patients perform core work safely and effectively.

What Is the Core?

I like to tell patients that their core is a shorthand way of referring to all the muscles of their lower back/pelvis/hip area. It’s where your center of gravity is located and where movement begins. A strong core stabilizes the spine and pelvis and supports you as you move. The core has 29 pairs of muscles that fall into two categories:

– Local Muscles