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Nutritious Cheat Meals

Maintaining a healthy weight is challenging, especially Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and extended weekends, increasing the risk of binge eating and weight gain. This is where healthy cheat meals and snacks… Read More

Alleviating Degenerative Discs With Decompression Therapy

Introduction The spine has an S-shaped curve that helps the body keep standing and even protects the spinal cord from injuries. As part of the central nervous system, which helps transport the signals… Read More

Cyclist Injury Decompression

Bicycling at any level is excellent healthwise, but the specific physical repetitive motions and postures can wear on a cyclist's body, causing strains and injury to the: Muscles Ligaments Tendons… Read More

How to Improve Gut Microbial Diversity

Introduction The gut system is home to many beneficial bacteria that ensure that everything is working correctly. The organs that make up the gut system help transport the nutrients and oxygenated blood to the… Read More

Alleviate Auto Accident Herniation With Decompression

Introduction The body is a well-tuned machine that is on the move constantly. The different systems like the musculoskeletal system, the immune system, and the joint system, to name a few, can help… Read More

Stomach Issues Brought On By A Herniated Disc

The central nervous system - CNS controls body and mind functions, voluntary movements, including walking, and involuntary movements, specifically the breakdown of foods and waste removal. Studies have found associations… Read More

Alleviating Gut Issues With Glutamine

Introduction Inside the body lies the internal organs that provide the nutrients and energy for the body to stay in motion. The gut system helps the body energy by digesting the consumed… Read More

Bulging Disc Relief With Decompression

Introduction The spine provides many functions that the body requires when it is on the move. Without it, the body will not be able to stay upright and give the everyday movement that the… Read More

Motor Vehicle Crash, Accident: Spine Disc Herniation Decompression

When the body goes through intense trauma like a car, truck, crash, or accident, the trauma can slip, bulge, herniate, or rupture the spinal fluid-filled discs that can extrude from… Read More

Cervical & Lumbar Herniation Relieved Through Decompression

Introduction The spine is an S-shaped curve that runs down the back from the skull down to the pelvic bone. The vertebrae that make up the spine helps keep the body standing… Read More

Utilizing Decompression Therapy For Myelopathy

Introduction The neck has two functions that allow the body to make sure that it holds the head up. The motor functions enable the neck to be mobile with the head as… Read More

Herniated Disc Decompression Treatment

Older and elderly individuals have an increased risk of developing a herniated disc/s. The age of the intervertebral discs/cushions causes deflation, drying out, and shifting, making it easier for discs… Read More

Relieving Cervical Herniation With Decompression Therapy

Introduction As part of the upper body, the neck's job is to keep the head upright while providing motor functions to turn up, down, left, and right while rotating it… Read More

Alleviate Wear & Tear Herniation With Decompression

Introduction For keeping the body upright and on the move, the spine plays an essential role in allowing the body to do these ordinary functions. The S-shaped curve enables the body to… Read More

Sciatica Sleep Decompress

Sciatica Sleep: Poor sleep can leave the body feeling off and unable to function. Not getting the proper amount of sleep can decrease health, decrease work or school productivity, and… Read More

Sciatica Factors Alleviated Through Spinal Decompression Therapy

Introduction In the lower half region of the body, a large nerve connects to the lumbar region of the spine that travels down to the legs. This is the sciatic nerve,… Read More

Entrapped Sciatic Nerve Relief With Decompression

Introduction The lower half of the body helps provide stability to the upper half of the body. The hips, legs, and feet have sensory and motor functions from the nerves part of… Read More

Sciatica Prescription Medications Decompression

Prescription Medications: Sciatica is a term used to describe neuropathic/nerve pain. It is a prevalent condition known as a lumbosacral radicular syndrome. It’s discomforting, numbness, and tingling, combined with sharp… Read More

Decompression Treatments For Piriformis Syndrome

Introduction The sciatic nerve is considered the largest in the lower half of the body that helps control sensory and motor functions of the legs. As part of the nervous system, the sciatic… Read More