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The overall health and well-being of our patients is our number 1 priority and is the reason why we go to great lengths to make routine chiropractic care convenient, affordable, and easy for all. We will perform a complete exam to educate each patient on living well with a healthy spine.  We also evaluate each patient for underlying clinical root causes of their clinical presentation.  Since their recommendation will vary from person to person, we offer multiple affordable and convenient plans without the hassles of insurance billing, copays, deductibles, or declined reimbursements if needed.

We also work with most insurance carriers to bring you the required care.

Once you experience the therapeutic and restorative benefits of manual chiropractic adjustment and functional health and wellness programs, we’re confident you’ll wonder how you ever lived without us.

There is no reason we cannot help you.


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Did You Know……

Did You Know Back and neck problems are among the symptoms most commonly encountered in clinical practice? However, few studies have examined national trends in expenditures for back and neck problems or related these trends to health status measures.  We are proud to offer affordable options to all our patients.

Expenditures and Health Status Among Adults With Back and Neck Problems


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